2018 Season


By Ken Methold

Inspired by Downtown Abbey, Midsummer Murders and the Miss Marple mysteries – to say nothing of Country House Rescue – this fast-moving farce with its collection of delightful eccentrics, was a hoot from start to finish.



And just who dunnit?  “Done what,” you ask.  Why murder, of course.  Was the killer the butler (Gordon Hook), the footman (Josh Macdonald), the cook (Margaret Hogan), the maid (Bonnie Hook), the Lady of the Manor (Kate Dawson), the Earl (Shane Runciman) or the gardener (Josh Macdonald), or Lady Crucilla (Debb Mills), Ruth (Abbie Macdonald) or the heir (Jason Wallace) or his mistress, Mrs Sampson (Jill Runciman),  Miss Maple (Mairi Manley)  Boris Vasilivitch Pinch’nikov (Adrian Dawson) or the doctor (Josh Macdonald) and his nurse (Bonnie Hook).  The only one off the hook is Lady Petty-Fitzmaurice (Jenny Strever) as she wasn’t even in the script but we invited her to sing for us just the same!  See photos below

Don’t know – should have come to the show!







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