Coming in 2021

Ron Patterson is about to die.  

You don’t believe it.  Just ask him.

He’s decided to invite his three adult children and his wife to his final fling.  His exit party.

He wants to give them all closure. To tie up any loose ends and to let them remember what an important, special, wonderful, reliable and patient person he is. He believes he will help them come to terms with their loss. One last parting gift.

All in 111 minutes! 

What he gets instead is a realisation that his family is not what they seem, and neither is he.

This is a seriously funny comedy that will make you laugh until you die…


18th, 22nd and 24th APRIL 2021 at the KMI Hall, Kyogle

~ ~ ~

This will be Kate Dawson’s debut as a director with VHP, so don’t miss this one!